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Hello there, I'm McKinzie

     In writing this blog, I (McKinzie's Mother) would like to briefly explain and express our life before we (my husband and I) stumbled into the life of weighted blankets and all it's special abilities! 

               My daughter McKinzie is now 2 and a half years old. She has suffered from countless episode including restless nights, sleep anxiety, night terrors and sleep walking almost as soon as she started walking at 10 months! 
     Her dad and I noticed the anxiety would set in right before it was time for bed. McKinzie cried for what seemed like hours and continuously got out of bed until one of us would console her back to sleep. Just the presences of one of us would help coast her right to sleep.

            Everything was so new to us considering the fact that our first child Malachi has never displayed this kind of behavior before. I've begin to question myself wondering if there was a step in her development that I've over looke…

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