My First Blog
     Hello, I hope my "First Blog" reaches everyone in great spirit and in good health! If not, after reading this your day should be a little better because its joy in overcoming even the small obstacles in life!

   I’ve been wanting to post a blog for quite some time. However, I just didn't know how to go about it or what to say. I was too concerned about if I was starting the right way. Thinking to myself, there is no right or wrong way to start, so I’ve embarked on this journey and here I type! "I just have to do it", it's constantly on repeat in the deepest part of my mind which acts as a hided automatic auxiliary switch to an internal energy source that’s within and propels me to write!

    I realized sometimes you have to start with an idea and in most cases, if you truly have a passion for whatever you’re doing and just audit the first move the picture becomes clear and easier to draw. (I just have to do it) typing countless amount of words until the message im trying to convey is on the screen.

    On a different note, I’m very excited about this. It's funny I was surfing this website thinking of a blog for myself when I stumbled across my introduction that I’ve already had up from I don't know how long ago. I still feel the same way, when you visit my blog and take a gander of my gallery and all the pictures I represent. I want you to leave with just a little better understanding of me.            

     With that being said, (YOU have to do it)! Support the people you love, stay true to yourself, keep likeminded people in your circle, don’t be afraid to chase your dreams, and remember, GOD OVER EVERYTHING!!! Until the next time, like and subscribe, to our page, I’m out……

More topics and different projects on the way.
Sincerely yours: Toni Ronnie


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